Raheelle Bhaggan
“through Words   Experience  my trials”

Born on 28th of September 1986;

Raheelle Bhaggan discovered writing at age 12, and developed it to become his most effective way of expressing himself. He ranges his writing skills from blogging online on his own build platform (tisStupid) to creative writing (3xtremeCreations), which does not limit his writing. His style is mostly sarcastic and metaphoric, writing mostly in English and dutch. He also writes, on rare occasions, in the native tongue, “Sranan”.


Early on he would let teachers and friends read the stories he wrote in note books. One of his teachers advised him to seek guidance from a local children's book writer, “Gerrit Barron”. He would receive constructive advice from Gerrit, giving him more insight into the art. In 2009, on a wimp, he submitted a short story to a local magazine, which let him to get to write 2 pieces for the magazine (published in 2010). In 2010 he made a career change, and ended up working at a local radio and tv network; SCCN, as a radio producer. It was during his time there, that he got his biggest break. He was asked to write a local tv series “De Jordan’s” (2012/2013) which ran 2 season (24 episodes in total).

After getting his taste of script writing, he started to write his own, and made moves to produce more products of his own. In 2013, with help of coworkers and friends, he made short movie “in de wachtkamer”, which also featured a self written song “who do you think you are”, sung by Thecla Clarke. This were his first steps into creating an online platform for creative writing in “3xtremeCreations”.

In 2014 he ventured and pushed himself by joining a poetry collective, KoKoLampu, after successfully being a part of a masterclass. From that moment on, he started to write more poetically. In December of that year he stood on the stage for the first time, performing at poetry event, starting a chain of poetry performances.

Though he gained a pivotal part of his career, he still felt he needed more. In 2016, he decided to take a break from the poetry collective (KoKoLampu). He spend that time, first gaining himself once more, before intensely working on his sought after dream of all time. Not long after doing intense research he found ways to release and publish his book; “Love Affair”.

As a love affair entails a story of two subjects coming together and creating chapters of pure and raw emotions, this book travels through the softness and hardness of mankind. It reveals emotions at different stages of life off characters the writer created. Except for just a handful of the poems, the poems and two short stories in the book are fictional.

The writer believes  that t o tell a story, you need to have lived it. This is why he embodies every character while writing about their life. With love affair, Raheelle created a timeline of emotions, starting with an introduction, and ending with redefining of his own character, just like how a love affair would be.

Publications 2010: Parbode;  “Natin blikt naar de toekomst” 2010: Parbode;  “Haillie Sumpter” 2010 - …… : tisStupid; 2012 - 2013: Infocus;  “De Jordan’s” 2013: 3xc;  “In de wachtkamer (short movie)” 2013: TedxParamaribo;  “blogs” 2014: 3xC;  “Hide N Seek” 2015: 3xC;  “Goodbye” 2015: 3xC;  “Awesome” 2016: 3xc;  “I know you” 2016: 3xC;  “Grantangi Mama” 2017: 3xC “ZUCHT” 2016:  3xC; “MamaGrong”

Poetry & Beyond Sessions:            Mangrove

- Ghost

- Mangroves

- Believe

There are other undocumented  performances.

2018:  3xC; “Love Affair”2018:  3xC; “#IAMABEING”