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The daily news is messing with my brain process.

Het voelt steeds aan alsof ik in een ander land woon

People on my FB timeline…….

We seem to live in the same country

Yet I still believe you are in the US


Don’t get me wrong

I love every social movement fighting their unjust

But we become so prone to importing stuff

We even import their culture

And with that

Their pain and struggles.

Want to fight so badly?

Fight against poverty

Fight the war against normality allowing citizen to feel frustrated

Because even the law can’t protect them

Since the lawmakers want to remain the legal sinners

Yes I said it!

And I will proudly repeat it

Because I am a proud citizen of this country that is unknown to the world

It knows all other countries struggles and fortunes

But lacks to nourish its own.

We would rather fight for hand me downs and “Not Working!”

Whilst the country stands in quicksand

We wait on the government’s plan to change

If in forty years they have not,….you really think they will now?

But keep posting the fight of people who don’t know you

While you allow the so called leaders to lead this ship right into the bottom of the sea

Keep fighting the war between white and black

While your children lack proper education and protection system.

Keep fighting everything racist whilst using your phone and pc, a white man build.

Use the internet, white man build.

Believe in democracy,

You guessed it!

We are taught to hate

The moment we utter our first cry

I start to wonder if it wasn’t Hitler’s plan to erase racism

And yeah, you may comment now that I’m stupid for saying so because I may have never been born.

But my body is the host to my soul.

A soul has no color or hairline.

It’s like blood

It remains the same no matter the color of the skin.

So when you say #BlackLivesMatter

I wonder

Why not #OurkidsLivesMatter ?

Since we daily see reported cases of rape

Young boys and girls being abused and ridiculed

We fight for their future,

Save money, trying to give them everything they deserve

While their insides is deteriorating.

So yes

I acknowledge that the US has their racism problems

But I would rather fight our battles first!

Before helping a cause we can only sympathize with.

Daily rallying troops to gather against white supremacy

While you don’t even try to educate your people about our own problems.

And you don’t even speak UP! When asked to

Above everything

I would love it if there was a movement