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As a love affair entails a story of two subjects coming together and creating chapters of pure and raw emotions, this book travels through the softness and hardness of mankind. It reveals emotions at different stages of life off characters the writer created. Except for just a handful of the poems, the poems and two short stories in the book are fictional.

The writer believes that to tell a story, you need to have lived it. This is why he embodies every character while writing about their life. With love affair, Raheelle created a timeline of emotions, starting with an introduction, and ending with redefining of his own character, just like how a love affair would be.

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3 thirty and something is yelling: “Write me”. In mijn Brein kan ik zijn. I can BE!, even after repeatingly saying why me I am still cool & awsome. I dance with you holding back cravings You did not see. But you love me inspite like a brewing volcano. Suicide to my brain Depleted Ghost playing Djompofutu using my heart as the stone. Believe me, you’d smite me if i’m not Just..... Won’t play Hide and Seek with emotions when you keep telling me “I am beautiful”. Jij bent Magnetisch net MoMo. There is a brilliance in how you move me You’re Thick, Nature’s calling, a true symbol of Mamagron. Jij elimineert mijn wereld vol leven en verdriet. Ook al sta ik op een Kruispunt, my soul leaves like a shootin star, and you are there to help me Move on. You are my Survival kit, majestic and strong even if it was never you. Leugens en Luchtkastelen verdwijnen dankzij jouw smacht. Geen sprake van Haat vs Liefde. You add new Colors to the rainbow. Mijn partner bij echt Huisje. Can you Blame me for Understanding? Gone is LuLu but thanks to you I still remember the First date. That Special night with Small gestures staring into the night searching for the sparks like a shootingstar in our eyes. You are my Protection. You guide me to be brave and say: #surinamemoetoverleven. Ook al met een ZUCHT aan het eind, de woorden luiden steeds Zijt met ons”. Stay like DH touch, in memories like Caatje. I had you happy now I know you like a Paradox over een Ijdele prins die jij wilt behouden dus zegt steeds “A ogri mus wai”. Like a branch to a tree you extended me like the passion of the heart…en Ik stem in op alles. Instilled power delivering a Lyrical landmine I Neglected, but like my Name, you will live on. Onmogelijk is onze Break-up, Because you are mirrored in me creating alterations die ik houd als mijn Authentieke herinneringen van Last night….and more. Even when you say Goodbye, I Run to hold you, my Love Affair

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