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This is our pet project. The movie that started it all. Not big, not loud, and very simple.  The movie is written by R.Bhaggan who also directed it.

The Project:

After writing 2 seasons of the TV series “DeJordans”, the creative writer was always craving for more. He turned a short story he wrote in 2013 into a script, and started seeking ways to get this made. After backing from several people, the project seemed to become more a reality. Not everything went as planned, but the project was finished as the company's first attempt to create and show creative writing has promise.

Raheelle even wrote a song which was sung by Thecla Clarke.

This project could not have been a success if not for the help from a few people in his life, who worked on the background. His sister helped with the logistics. Make-up was provided by a professional artist for free, and was done by Stephanie Diko.

The actors:


Juergen Donk

Whahita Sosrojoedo

Dylan Graanoogst

Sub roles:

Receptionist: Jennellee Powel

Monalisa Swedo

Jordy Vaarnold

Midenice De Vlugt

Carito Burlenson

Xavira Simons

The crew:


Camera: Sabrina Tjokrodimedjo / Fannon Djoe

Sound/Tech.: Jurgen Plet

The total project cost the producer about $200,-.