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Writing is probably the most endangered form of art, since less people turn to a book and printed books are more or less a luxury product as of late. This is the reason why 3xtremeCreations is aiming to shed some light on creative writing. Our main purpose is the written word and not the marketing value behind it.

Because all writers want is to be published. But that cost a lot of money and publishers rarely take chances on debutant. This brings a decline in the arts because how will you ever show the world tour worth, if no one gives you the chance? So this is the first step into being a published writer.

Unfortunately we're not yet a profitable company, since everything we have is worked for with little to no support from third parties, because like I said before, it is hard to find people to believe in this vision, or don't want to make it succeed.

3xtremeCreations looks ahead and is trying to find creative ways to make publishing easy. Our name might as well could have been, “easy publishing”. We strive to become more than just an online platform for creative writing. Since this company is built and ran by a writer, the vision of this company, is endless.

Joining therefore is without cost or contracts or physical contact. If you are a writer and want to show the world how good you are, you can submit it via mail. A little bit of feedback never hurt anybody. Please read our terms of agreement before submitting anything. Ad all times, you will remain the owner of this story. You will only agree to publish it online. Any other form of publication from 3xc, should be with permission from the said writer.